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Compound water meter DN 50 – 150

Medium temperature range 0 °C – 50 °C

Main meter (Turbine) combined with a Bypass meter (Rotary Piston)

Product names: RUBIN

Applications: Water

Medium: Water

Process: Measure


For horizontal and vertical mounting up to DN 100
Horizontal mounting for DN 150

Nominal diameter DN 50 up to DN 150

Nominal pressure 16 bar

Medium temperature range 0 – 50°C

Protection class IP 68

Measuring range up to R 6300

MID approval 2004/22/EC MID 001

Accuracy class 2 / T30


Main meter (Turbine) combined with a bypass meter (Rotary piston)

High dynamic range

Main and the bypass meter are arranged one behind the other up to DN 100
Main and the bypass meter side by side with DN 150

Integrated flow straightener (U0D0)

Removable metrological unit

Retrofittable with pulse and data interface M-Bus modules

Drinking water approval SVGW


Economical retrofitting of pulse and data interface M-Bus modules

Economical replacement of multirange metrological unit after valid period of the calibration

Measurement of high and widely fluctuating flow rates.

No need to differentiate between the bypass meter on the right or on the left side (exept DN 150)

No straigt upstream or downstream pipe necessary (U0D0)

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