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Multifunctional calculator for thermal and cooling energy

Product names: CALEC®

Applications: Commercial buildings / Building technology, Local and district heating / cooling, Residential buildings / Sanitary

Medium: Thermal Energy

Process: Data processing / Evaluation


Data logger for measurement days and values

Temperature measurement range 0…200 °C for water (max. -40…180 °C)

Temperature differential 0…190 K

Various special functions, inc. rates

Robust protective casing for wall or rail mounting


Precise measurement of thermal energy for heating, cooling and combined heating/cooling plants

Interfaces to building control systems: M-Bus, LON, Modbus, N2Open, BACnet MS/TP, KNX

Plug-in calculator module

Data for standard cooling media with variable properties

Integrated power supply for flow sensor

Up to 2 pulse in-/outputs or 2 analogue outputs

Metrological approval in accordance with 2014/32/EU (MID) and PTB K7.2 (cold, heat/cold combined)


Precise energy measurement for all thermal applications in buildings engineering

Measurement of “heating and cooling” in a single unit

Use in damp systems (only CALEC® energy master)

Choice of power supplies

Re-calibration saves process costs

Supports operation monitoring

Expandable on modular basis

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