Now is the time for performance upgrade without interruption

Are you thinking to upgrade your vessel with modern measurement but scared of interrupting vessel operation ?

Then take a look at our solutions for upgrading your Aquametro fuelmetering and increasing vessel performance without interuption of the vessel sailing and operation.

AOM has a large range of systems and solutions to do so :

  • Why not upgrading your AOM CONTOIL flowmeter with an additional pulse output or even with a electronic counter and several output signals? We can provide you solutions so that you keep your flowmeter body and switch to a more improved display and output signal.
  • You need Shaft power and torque for improving your vessel performance?
    SPM is an easy to install shaft power and torque system, where no mechanical modifications on the propellor shaft is needed. And it operates absolutely contact free!
  • You want to replace your old differential pressure visco system with a modern vibrating fork system? We provide you the sensor and the suitable adapter to make the change to our Viscomaster within shortest time and no additional welding needed.

Want to know more about our solutions.

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