CONTOIL – Fuelmeter for every Installation position

CONTOIL – Fuelmeter for every Installation position

  • Do you have almost no space available for an accurate fuel
  • You have some space but valves and elbow pipes are before and after
    the installation space?
  • You have only vertical fuel pipes or pipes running in different angles?

Than CONTOIL fuel meter are the right choice!

They can be installed in every position, vertical, horizontal or different pipe angle.

And due to their rotary ring piston measurement principle, no flow conditioners before the flowmeter are required.

The CONTOIL fuelmeter can be even placed directly after and before valves, strainer or elbows, which makes the CONTOIL meter the preferred choice for booster unit makers as well as lube oil and engine manufacturers, where installation space is always a problem to find.

Compare the CONTOIL meters with your existing fuel meter brands, either they are Coriolis and other mechanical types and see the outstanding advantages of the CONTOIL fuel meter!

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