Ship equipment to comply with IACS Unified Requirements

As of January 1st, 2022 ship equipment has to comply with IACS Unified Requirements E10, Rev. 7. By passing additional tests our flowmeters now comply with these stricter specifications required by IACS. The DNV and Lloyd’s Register Type Approval Certificates for our Aquametro Oil & Marine flowmeters have be­­­­­en revised accordingly.

The Type Approval Certificates are applicable for our flowmeters with type designations CONTOIL® VZO/VZOA, CONTOIL® VZF II/ VZFA II and DOMINO® ARD. These flowmeters are accepted for installation on all DNV and LR class-typed vessels. The Type Approval Certificates are valid until 2025.

Safe and reliable technology is essential to ensure safe and high-performing operation. With regular audits and certification processes, Aquametro Oil & Marine ensures that our clients can always rely on our devices.

Optimize Fuel Efficiency

How to optimize fuel efficiency by using real-time fuel monitoring?

In early October 2021, Aquametro Oil & Marine received an urgent request from our long-term client, ship owner Cao Fei Dian (CFD). CFD was required urgently to implement a more efficient energy conservation/emission reduction solution.

An urgent meeting was setup with AOM China team to discuss a potential technical solution and draw up a proposal. Using the Remote Monitoring System (RMS) of Aquametro Oil & Marine that is currently installed onboard (since April 2020), CFD decided to accept and customize the RMS further in order to meet the following requirement:

Allow the onboard crew live monitoring of Navigation versus Main Engine speed by a single screen at the Bridge.

AOM’s R&D team was able to accept the challenge and support CFD on their request with quick decisions & actions. Within only two weeks (!), AOM R&D developed the software enhancement and were ready for deployment and commissioning.

The concept is to provide a customizable Modbus output from the RMS to an external display module. The installed small display was deployed at the bridge so that fuel consumption deviations compared to benchmark consumption can be alerted to the captain on duty. The customized GUI screen also provides further navigation information for reference. This allows the captain to benefit from real-time monitoring to avoid non-efficient actions such as over speed, resulting in low fuel efficiency. 

At the end of the project, Aquametro Oil & Marine was proud to provide a solution that meets all the requirements of our good customer within a very short period of time.

We definitely look forward to accept and tackle more challenges from our customers. AOM is ready to serve for performance!

Clients’ challenges are our challenges!

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Aquametro Oil & Marine offers flowmeters

Did you know that Aquametro Oil & Marine offers flowmeters for efficient fuel consumption measurement of alternative marine fuels?
More and more shipping companies are now implementing specific projects to drive forward the reduction of emissions in the maritime industry.
The use of alternative fuels plays an important role here, whether as an admixture to fossil fuels or as a pure alternative fuel such as carbon neutral methanol. While shipping companies are starting to convert their fleets to operate on alternative fuels, the corresponding measurement, regulation and control technology must also be able to measure and process these new fuels.
By ordering 8 large ocean-going vessels powered by carbon neutral methanol, the largest container shipping company, A.P. Moller – Maersk, took a big step towards decarbonizing their fleet. The new vessels will be powered by dual-fuel engines from MAN Energy Solutions that will also be capable of burning bio-methanol as well as e-methanol.
Aquametro Oil & Marine offers a portfolio of flowmeters for a large number of industrial liquids, including Methanol, with its #DOMINO® product line, in addition to their world known #CONTOIL® fuel meter range. They are available in a broad flow range starting from 20l/h up to a maximum flowrate of 30.000l/h. The Domino meter type, proven since many decades, guarantees highest accuracy at harsh engine room conditions with high vibration.
Besides Methanol, DOMINO® industrial meters are the right choice for all future upcoming alternative marine fuels, such as liquid ammonia and all other kind of biofuels.
Learn more about DOMINO® – the right choice for alternative marine fuels

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Now is the time for performance upgrade without interruption

Are you thinking to upgrade your vessel with modern measurement but scared of interrupting vessel operation ?

Then take a look at our solutions for upgrading your Aquametro fuelmetering and increasing vessel performance without interuption of the vessel sailing and operation.

AOM has a large range of systems and solutions to do so :

  • Why not upgrading your AOM CONTOIL flowmeter with an additional pulse output or even with a electronic counter and several output signals? We can provide you solutions so that you keep your flowmeter body and switch to a more improved display and output signal.
  • You need Shaft power and torque for improving your vessel performance?
    SPM is an easy to install shaft power and torque system, where no mechanical modifications on the propellor shaft is needed. And it operates absolutely contact free!
  • You want to replace your old differential pressure visco system with a modern vibrating fork system? We provide you the sensor and the suitable adapter to make the change to our Viscomaster within shortest time and no additional welding needed.

Want to know more about our solutions.

75 years of CONTOIL fuelmeter

75 years of CONTOIL fuelmeter

This year, 75 years have been reached since Aquametro introduced their first oil and fuel meter for consumption measurement. After 20 years of successful business with water meters, Aquametro decided in 1947 to satisfy the need of the growing market after World War II for oil and diesel fuel meters.

In 1947 the first mechanical fuel meters type VZO 8 and VZO 20 have been launched, mainly for fuel burner and oil flow applications in the range of flowrates between 4l/h and 1000l/h. These meters were based on the ring piston principle, which was already successful on the market for industrial liquid measurement in chemical plants.

Since then, Aquametro and Aquametro Oil&Marine have set the reference in oil and fuel metering with the introduction of the DOMINO and CONTOIL fuel meter family, the DFM double chamber meter for vehicles and gensets and the VZP/VZD meter for all on and off-road and marine applications ranging from 1l/h up to 30.000l/h flowrate!

In the past 75 years we have sold more than 2.5 million ring piston meter making Aquametro Oil & Marine the leading supplier for fuel metering and boiler applications.

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CONTOIL – Fuelmeter for every Installation position

CONTOIL – Fuelmeter for every Installation position

  • Do you have almost no space available for an accurate fuel
  • You have some space but valves and elbow pipes are before and after
    the installation space?
  • You have only vertical fuel pipes or pipes running in different angles?

Than CONTOIL fuel meter are the right choice!

They can be installed in every position, vertical, horizontal or different pipe angle.

And due to their rotary ring piston measurement principle, no flow conditioners before the flowmeter are required.

The CONTOIL fuelmeter can be even placed directly after and before valves, strainer or elbows, which makes the CONTOIL meter the preferred choice for booster unit makers as well as lube oil and engine manufacturers, where installation space is always a problem to find.

Compare the CONTOIL meters with your existing fuel meter brands, either they are Coriolis and other mechanical types and see the outstanding advantages of the CONTOIL fuel meter!

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Industrial flowmeter DOMINO

Industrial fluids are as varied as the applications they are used in.

Our industrial range has been designed to take full account of the chemical and physical properties – ranging from aggressiveness to viscosity – of these media. Our industrial know-how guarantees effective individual customer solutions in the chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry as well as for mechanical and system engineers.

The distinguishing features of the special industrial range are their extremely high chemical resistance and long-term stability.

Your system solution

  • A range of different flow measuring principles and meter ancillaries for simple system integration
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic filling controls guarantee accurate dosing
  • The modular design of the flow meters allows flexible retrofitting
  • Individually adapted devices optimise the cost-effectiveness of the entire measuring point

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